a contemptuous word for a highlander or anyone from the north

an uncouth, countrified person

whilst working at the bank hotel on the royal mile, peter knight of halkirk & john tindal of airlie came up with the concept of “a room in…” bistro.  they envisioned a place serving fantastic food without the hindrance of paying a fortune for wine or exorbitant corkage. a place where people would feel instantly relaxed and at home, whatever the occasion. 

and so they opened up the first venue in 1996, a room in marchmont. the small scottish bistro, seating only 25 people, soon became extremely popular. realising their vision was viable & 25 seats not enough, they established a room in town in august 1998.

when first pursuing their vision, peter’s brother told them: “but you’re just a couple of teuchters!” and as they both hail from the north, the name stuck.

the business went from strength to strength, so the two highland lads went on to open the two venues still running today: teuchters bar & a room in the west end on william street in 2001 and teuchters landing & a room in leith on dock place in 2008. 

both bars have a traditional highland pub feel containing an extensive whisky list, a cracking selection of mainly scottish bottled & cask or keg draught beer, plenty wine, cider, soft drinks & gin. the food menus suit the relaxed atmosphere: mugs of haggis, neeps & tatties, cullen skink or haggis stovies alongside pub staples like burgers, hot dogs & pies.

as of 2021, both a room in… restaurants closed permanently to further expand both bars, teuchters landing in leith and teuchters bar & bunker in the west end.